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Sok Vichey and his teenage friends are trying to pursue a dream despite adversity I cannot imagine. They were born next to a 100 acre rubbish dump in Stung Meanchey near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This putrid, toxic place became their childhood home, where their parents sifted through the trash every day to recover recyclables to sell.


Vichey and the other band members lost parents to the dump but since an intervention from an amazing charity called ‘Moms Against Poverty’, have been trying to make a fresh start.


I first read about Doch Chkae and their story on the BBC website in October 2019. When I finished the article, I knew what I could do to help. I sent Vichey my favourite Joe Doe Guitar, the Wall Of Death. Seemed the most suitable for a heavy metal band, don’t you think? It arrived safely after a 6,000 mile journey and fingernails bitten to the quick. 5 stars to UPS.


Vichey and his friends are now trying to get a record label going to support themselves and other metal acts. They have an apartment which functions as a record store, screen printing shop and hang out space to keep other teenagers off the streets and out of trouble.


Any support you could give them would be incredible. It can be via their patreon account, where a couple of dollar bills will make a huge difference and be gratefully received. Or it could just be a message of support, an acknowledgment that you’ve heard of them, they rock, and that they matter. Go Doch Chkae!


Thanks for reading this far, it means a lot!

Ben, Joe Doe Guitars


The original BBC article;

Patreon site;

Record label;

Instagram account;  #dochchkaedoggod

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