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Joe Doe Gambler in Nicotino Yellow

Joe Doe Gambler in Nicotino Yellow


If you’re in need of a bit of luck, then this Joe Doe Gambler might be the rabbit’s foot you’re looking for. Taking inspiration from neon buzzing, dollar guzzling casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the Gambler sports custom decals, card suit inlays and doubles down with a genuine 50 dollar poker chip. Rub it for Luck! Whether you’re backing up a front man adorned with rhinestones or comping in a jazz club where the sun never sets, the Gambler provides all the charm and chops you need. 


Like all Joe Doe Guitars, the Gambler comes with its own origin story and this one is no different. The Gambler is modelled after the guitar played and pawned numerous times by Las Vegas veteran/fugitive, Jack Tandy.

“If you’re lucky, you know Jack Tandy as the talented Nashville session guitarist who appeared on many popular country singles and radio jingles from the 1960’s and 70’s.  To those less fortunate, you know Tandy as a drunk and compulsive gambler who made more promises than he could keep and borrowed more money than he could ever pay back.  Tandy left his Nashville demons and debtors behind in December 1977 and headed south to hide out in sunny Las Vegas. After months of strumming on the backwater circuit, Tandy landed a permanent gig playing in the Flamingo Hotel house band where he lived rent free, had unlimited access to the all you can eat buffets and enjoyed a generous line of credit. Life was good for nearly twenty years until 13th January 1998, when FBI agents swarmed the hotel and arrested the entire hotel management. Tandy’s superiors were charged with murder, extortion and corruption of local officials and collectively sentenced to 594 years. Remarkably, Tandy walked free and started a new job (with a new identity) serenading newlyweds at the Quick Vows Chapel on Freemont street. To date he has helped thousands of couples come together and after each ceremony wishes them luck, knowing all too well they’ll need it later on in life.”

(That's the story we're telling at Joe Doe Guitars...)

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