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Joe Doe Hot Rod in Cali-Sunset Burst

Joe Doe Hot Rod in Cali-Sunset Burst


Two things you need to know about the Joe Doe Hot Rod guitar. One; unless you’re the owner, then admire the custom pinstriping, flash metallic sunburst and gleaming chrome hardware with your eyes and not your hands. Two; if you’re lucky enough to score one of these sweet Cali-mod-shop builds, be careful when plugging into your amplifier of choice. The Hot Rod has been supercharged to produce a sonic boom that will get all the dogs barking in your neighborhood! But if being seen and causing a scene is your bag, then this is the guitar for you.  


Every Joe Doe guitar comes with a unique origin story. So who was the inspiration behind the Joe Doe Hot Rod guitar? America’s original rebel rousers the Angelo twins - that’s who.

Ask anyone in Parker, Pittsburg USA if they remember twins Bernie and Ernie Angelo and you’ll get a roll of the eyes, a cold shoulder, or worse, a door slammed in your face.  Bernie and Ernie were the original all American rebel rousers, waking up a sleepy 1950s town with rock and roll music, drag racing and cussing in public places.  Did they burn down the The Shores Acre High School gymnasium in summer 1959? Maybe. Were they the pair seen at midnight sawing the head off The Miner’s Memorial statue in the town square in ’62? We can never know for sure, but it is perhaps more than coincidence that when the twins finally left Parker for California in 1967 to follow their musical ambitions, the crime rate halved. Their departure was celebrated by the townsfolk with an impromptu street party but one resident was sad to see them go. Sheriff Brunot, whose police cells provided a concrete home from home for the boys on many occasions remarked; “Looking for stray dogs or stopping a DUI is one thing, but nothing got my pulse racing like chasing after those Angelo boys down main street, red lights blazing”.  Parker town’s loss was California’s gain as not only did Bernie and Ernie become early pioneers of So Cal surf rock, they ran an always in demand mod shop where regular mom and pop cars were pimped, pinstriped and powered up

(That's the story we're telling at Joe Doe Guitars...)

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