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Joe Doe Lutetia in Blue Burst

Joe Doe Lutetia in Blue Burst


Sure the Joe Doe Lutetia bass looks pretty, with its floral patterned front and cutesy leaf decals -  but don’t be fooled. This bass guitar is designed to rattle teeth and shake foundations.  Anyone who plays in a rock band knows the real power of music rests with the bass guitar and the kick drum. Take them away and all you’re left with is a vocalist flouncing around the stage looking for attention and a lead guitarist gurning out a familiar 12 bar blues solo. The Lutetia bass makes sure your sweaty, stage diving crowd not only hear the music, but feel it in their beer filled guts.  


The Joe Doe Lutetia is an exact recreation of the bass played by Lutetia Seydoux, a mythic pioneer of all things punk. Take a look at her story below - you won’t find any of this on Wiki.

Punk bass player and visionary artiste Lutetia Seydoux is Anti-establishment, Anti-fascist and some would say Anti-music judging by ’Salut’, her 38 second song of ear piercing screams accompanied by the smashing of Limoges 19th century fine china.  You find her music challenging? Well that’s the point, because the world needs people like Lutetia Seydoux otherwise rules are never broken and boundaries are never pushed. The best example of Lutetia’s avant grade approach to music was during her one woman show at the Alores Club, Paris in December 1987. Lutetia turned the gig on its head by throwing her bass guitar into the crowd and demanding that they should perform to her. A riot ensued, multiple arrests were made, and Lutetia felt satisfied that an important piece of performance art had been created. In 2003 Lutetia was invited to the Prix de la Culture ceremony to receive an award for her contributions to French music, but her expletive ridden acceptance speech meant the honour was quickly retracted (and regretted) by the event organisers.  Shame on them for trying to contain a true visionary. Vive la punk!

(That's the story we're telling at Joe Doe Guitars...)

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